What is blockout?

So, let’s get the obvious out of the way first. What is blockout and why isn’t it blackout? In our exclusive double roller collection, we have three fabrics that we call blockout fabrics. This is because the fabric panels are indeed made from blackout materials but, give the very nature of any double roller (zebra, day & night, vision, et al.) fabric, even when the blind is fully closed, light is still going to leak through the mesh panels on both sides. In short, it is impossible to make blinds made solely from double roller fabric to be blackout.


Why blockout?

Firstly, the name obviously hints toward the blackout element of the fabric and despite everything I just said about double roller blinds not being capable of producing a complete blackout experience, the blackout panels do produce shading that is far more significant than their sheer counterparts. A blockout blind won’t make a room pitch black but it will still get pretty dark!
Aside from this, when closed correctly, a blockout double roller blind will indeed block any line of sight in or out of the window. When clients are looking for the option of complete privacy but total blackout is not a priority, blinds with blockout fabrics are perfect.




What other options are available?

If a client is looking for a total blackout experience, then the double roller blind simply isn’t the right option. For a complete and seamlessly blackout blind, you could recommend a standard roller blind with blackout fabrics and maybe even side channels to eliminate light gaps. Even then, light is wily and will find any chinks your armour so beware!

If they are set on wanting both the blackout effect provided by a totally opaque roller fabric AND they still have their heart set on a double roller blind, you could perhaps suggest they try both at the same time. Our Dual Control Double Joiner/Bracket Sets (yes, it’s a tongue twister!), allow for two different blinds to operate in the same window. They are available in 32, 38, and 45mm variants and, in my humble opinion, are some of the most impressively and underrated products available.

Another thing to consider is discussing with your clients whether they really need a total blackout option in the first place. Quite often, people seeking blackout solutions are really only looking for shading that can cut light enough for a very dark room, for a good night’s sleep for instance, and a pitch-black experience is probably overkill.




Decorquip’s Blockout Double Roller Options

So, now we’ve cleared up what a double roller blind with a blockout fabric is and is not capable of, you should be in a better position to decide whether it’s right for your clients. If so, here are the three blockout fabrics from our exclusive collection.


The blackout panel is striped for clients who want even more stripes than your average double roller can provide! It is available in 3 colours and can measure up to 2800mm – perfect for all but the widest of ultra-wide windows.

gobi-charcoal-grey-thumbnail.jpg gobi-grey-steel-thumbnail.jpg gobi-pearl-thumbnail.jpg



Again, this one comes with a width of 2800mm and has 7 colours to choose from, including Wind, a boldly rich red for your more adventurous clients.

mojave-charcoal-thumbnail.jpg mojave-choco-thumbnail.jpg mojave-grey-thumbnail.jpg mojave-ivory-thumbnail.jpg mojave-sand-thumbnail.jpg mojave-silver-thumbnail.jpg mojave-wind-thumbnail.jpg



Last but not least is Monte. A particularly sophisticated option – it is available in 4 neutral colours, has a very fine voile in the sheer section, and almost matches the others with a width of 2750mm. On top of that, its fire-retardant property makes it perfect for fitting hotel rooms, etc if you need to meet safety requirements.

monte-anthracite-thumbnail.jpg monte-beige-thumbnail.jpg monte-light-grey-thumbnail.jpg monte-silver-thumbnail.jpg
Ultimately, blockout double roller blinds won’t solve every problem for clients, especially those absolutely intent on eliminating all light leaking into or out of a room. They are of course just one weapon in your arsenal but hopefully, with a little more understanding, you’ll now be able to confidently identify just the right situation to put them to use.

Of course, if you have any questions or would like help with solving any problems, our Customer Care team is here to help so please do get in touch. It’s what we’re here for.