Hellos & Goodbyes at TeamDQ

Marcin Daleki's photo
Written by Marcin Daleki

We started the month with a few exciting changes to our team here at Decorquip. First, we said goodbye to Kay for a few months and then we welcomed our three new-starters.


So Kay's gone for a while. Our long-standing Customer Care Hero is going to be a new mum soon and we wish her all the best on her maternity leave. It was really sad seeing her go but when one door closes another opens and on the same day we also welcomed some reinforcements to the team.  So say hello to our three newcomers.     

First up, James, our new Production Manager. James brings along tons of experience from his previous role, where he managed a large team of people and achieved great results by applying 2 Second Lean improvements on a daily basis. James' passion and focus on Lean aligns with ours and will reinforce the Lean Culture at Decorquip. Connect with James on LinkedIn here.


Next up, Chris, who has joined our roller blinds department, the busiest section in the workshop at the moment. He'll be helping with the production and testing of roller blinds and if you order one, there is a  good chance that Chris had a hand in preparing it for you.


Last in order but not of importance, Martyn has come to help the ladies in our Customer Care Team, bringing along his customer service experience to help you with all your orders and queries. He's just set up his LinkedIn account so, why not give him a warm welcome by connecting with him here.


We also celebrated their first day with having some delicious bacon rolls cooked by Darrell, which has already become a tradition at Decorquip. You can tell, Jason is a fan of bacon rolls (in the photo below). He must be thinking: it'd be great to have someone new starting every day!


Once again, the best of luck to our new-starters. We're looking forward to achieving success together.