Where our bundle deals came from

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Written by Jason Petterson

Have you ever had to put production on hold because you've forgotten to order a component? It happens to the best of us but ordering one of our bundles could save you the heartache.

Although many of our components can be used in the production of different blinds, we noticed a trend in customers putting together and ordering ‘kits’ specific to each type. Inspired by this, we introduced a range of component bundles.

There is, of course, also a cost benefit. In fact, one of the Roman bundles provides a discount of 19% and, if you’re ordering the individual components anyway, that’s not be sniffed at.


However, in developing the bundles, our primary goal was to make things just that little bit quicker and more convenient for you. Each blind has a selection of bundles to choose from so you’ll find the right one for you and breeze through the order without having to find the individual component each time.

My favourite thing about these bundle is that it should, hopefully, save you from getting stuck halfway through production because you forgot to order one of the components. Even with a hundred cord drums in stock, you can’t build a Roman blind without a headrail!

The bundles can be found in your catalogue, in with each of their respective component categories. Take a look and I'm sure you'll find one that will save you some time, money or both! If you don’t have a copy, get in touch and we’ll send one out for free.