A nifty shade of grey

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Written by Marcin Daleki

The Real Wood and Faux Wood Venetian swatch has been upgraded with a new Faux Wood colour – Misty Grey.

First and foremost, let’s answer a very common question. ‘An upgrade? So, do I have to order a new Swatch? I’ve already had one!’

The answer is NO, as the new Misty Grey slat can easily be added to your swatch. We have short video instruction on how to do it. Just request a free sample slat via the button below and once you've got it,  pop it into your swatch - simple!


Moving on to the product itself, the Real Wood and Faux Wood Venetian Selector is packed with a number of options and colours that will help to satisfy even the most discerning of clients.

Real Wood


The Real Wood Venetians now give you the option of 17 colours including 7 white shades and 9 stained kinds of wood all of which are available in 50mm wide. 8 colours are also available in 35mm. Colour co-ordinated valances and cords are also available.

Faux Wood


Faux Wood Venetians now have 19 colours all of which are available as 50mm slats, 11 slat colours are available as 38mm and Snow slat is available as 35mm, 38mm, 50mm and 63. There are 8 white shades (and 2 privacy options), 5 greys (including the brand new Misty Grey) and 6 wood tones. The 2 privacy options contain no cord holes enhancing slat closure giving improved privacy and a clean look with superior light control.

Tapes & Pulls


The swatch also gives an extensive option of tapes and pulls to choose from and includes 8 stylish pulls and 23 matching tape colours and designs.

Also, important to note on the Faux Wood Venetians, an attractive plastic headrail can be used with or without a valance. It also contains a light block strip for the top slat to give exceptional top slat closure. Combined with the privacy slats will provide ultimate light control.