Bigger is always better!

Jason Petterson's photo
Written by Jason Petterson

We've pulled out all the stops and come up with our widest standard Roman headrail ever.

When your customer has a window that is larger than normal, stunning as they often are, it can be difficult to match it with the right blind at the right size.

To expand your choice, we’re introducing a new option to our range of standard Roman headrail kits – a whopping 3 metres! That’s 3000mm (20% wider than our 2500mm kit!) if you’re the millimetres type.

A perfect partner to our Capital Collection, this headrail gives you the opportunity to fit some of the widest windows out there with a softer, premium Roman blind that is perfect for home environments that may not be appropriate for a Vertical.


It’s difficult to get a true sense of just how wide 3m really is so we asked Lukasz to jump into a photo with the headrail to give you some perspective and he had to hold it at an angle just get it all into the shot! He looks like a tightrope walker!

Other than being exceptionally wide, this headrail is identical to the other kits we offer with 1:4 mechanisms, so you can be assured of its quality and of course, our standard 3-year warranty applies. That’s one year per metre!

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