Blinds for Jane’s Army

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Written by Jason Petterson

Recently, we were able to support a customer in providing Venetian blinds to Jane Scarth House - the ongoing project that supports those affected by cancer at no cost.

Relying solely on charitable donations and volunteer work, the construction and furnishing of a new home for Jane Scarth House has been underway for several months. Run by Romsey Cancer Support Centre, the centre offers a range of services to anyone whose life is affected by cancer, whether as a patient, a family member or friend at absolutely no cost. Having secured additional premises for their future endeavours, the charity developed Jane's Army - the driving force behind the whole project, building the extension using donated labour and materials. It's a fantastic cause and you can read more on their website.

When a customer of ours (Jonathan at Allen's Bespoke Curtains and Blinds) got in touch and asked if we could help, we more than happy to. Since then, the Venetian blinds have been installed and Jonathan was kind enough to send us an update by way of a few photos on them in situ. It's not much compared to all of the amazing work that has gone into getting the centre together but we're pleased to have been able to contribute in our own small way.


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Well done to Allen's for installing the blinds free of charge and we wish the best of luck to Jane's Army on completing the project soon. What they've achieved so far is amazing!