Capital Collection Update - Autumn/Winter 2018

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Written by Jason Petterson

Next month, we are celebrating the second anniversary of the launch of the Capital Collection - our signature collection of fabrics.  Time for an update!

Autumn / Winter Update - Capital Collection

In the process of selecting the right fabrics for the Capital Collection, sophistication and style were two key criteria on our wish list. Fashion didn't get a look in!

Two years later and the Collection is a triumph and I'm happy to say we still have no fashion victims, proving that style really is timeless. However, innovation is key to keeping ahead of the times so we continue to review and develop the Collection. Here is the latest news:




The first ever newcomer to the Capital Collection, Belgravia is a fire retardant sheer fabric that is available in eight neutral colours. Perfect for sophisticated environments that may require an element of privacy without sacrificing natural daylight, its fire-retardant properties will make it appeal to commercial clients as much as residential.

Belgravia is also expanding the Collection's range of wide width fabrics - available up to 2.9m wide - boosting its appeal in the commercial sector.

Already invested in a Capital Collection? We're committed to keeping your collection fresh, correct and complete so you, if you've not received a free Belgravia specification card yet, expect it very soon!

Read more on Belgravia.




Earlier in the year, it had become apparent that something had gone amiss in the production of our Islington fabric, causing a physical defect that left it categorically below the highest standard to which we hold every Capital Collection fabric.

Islington was promptly put on hold while we tried to resolve the problem with our manufacturer but ultimately were unsuccessful. Unable to guarantee a significant resolution any time soon, we have been forced to discontinue Islington permanently. Good night, sweet prince.

For alternatives to Islington, look no further than the Capital Collection itself. Designed with compatibility and cohesion in mind, you'll easily find other fabrics with similar colours, textures and widths.

If you are currently carrying the Capital Collection, please go ahead and discard your Islington spec card - it’s no good to you now! 




A much as it pains us to cull fabrics that are no longer appropriate for the Capital Collection, the ongoing process of reviewing and updating is a necessary one. We had to bear this mind when we almost another fabric - everyone's favourite Trevira CS, Chelsea.

Much like Islington, we realised that a defect - fraying edges - would keep Chelsea out of circulation until we could fix it and with it being so popular, we knew we had to fix it fast!

Fast forward a few weeks and, thanks to the shiny new ultrasonic cutter sitting in our warehouse, Chelsea is flying out the door again - complete with crisp edges cleanly sealed as they're cut. Have a troublesome fabric that needs the ultrasonic treatment? Let us know and we may be able to help!




Pushing the Capital Collection beyond fabrics alone, we've launched the Capital Fascia - a first step in introducing hardware and accessories to the brand.

Keeping true to the quality and style that has become associated with the Capital Collection, all new products will also work cohesively with the fabrics and each other so you can rely on the Collection for your most demanding clientele.

The Capital Fascia itself is for modern, style-conscious clients who require a clean and precise finish to their window covering. Available in six colours – from White for the minimalists to Anthracite for those in the Industrial camp – each of the six interchangeable components can be utilised to produce a fascia with measurements that align with its location perfectly. In fact, its modular design allows you to build something truly unique to accommodate any and all blinds. 

Learn more about the Capital Fascia and what you can do with it.




Providing (or obtaining) an accurate representation of how a fabric looks AND feels is nigh on impossible via digital and print means. Sometimes, it feels like everybody just agreed to give up one day and produce flat boring colour swatches instead.

Dissatisfied with this, we tasked our in-house photographer, Marcin, to reshoot all of the Capital Collection fabrics. All we asked was that he gave a truer reflection of some key factors – colour in light, colour in shade, texture, thickness and transparency - all in one photo. One photo times a few hundred fabric options.

Clearly, Marcin thrives in adversity as his new range of fabric shots attest! Check out our client-friendly Capital Collection website – to see the new photography or show your clients. You'll never look at fabrics on another website in the same way again. They're so good, I’m expecting a slump in sample requests here DQ HQ!


2018 has been a big year for the Capital Collection and we’re excited about what comes next. Is there more hardware on the horizon? Maybe. New fabrics? Almost certainly. Anything I can reveal right now? No, not yet at least. To stay in the loop, be sure to subscribe to our email updates and/or follow us on social media.


If you'd like to order your own Capital Collection, now is as good a time as any. Order a Collection and you'll receive all future fabrics, new and refreshed, at no extra cost. Plus, you can sign up as a recommended supplier on

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