Child Safety AND Convenience

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Written by Jason Petterson

Vastly improved reliability. Smaller components. Market-leading costs. Compatibility with metal chains.

There are, of course, practical reasons that make our new 1:4 Roman breakaway mechanism stand out from the crowd. However, from the overwhelming feedback we've received since launching the product at the start of the year, it's quickly become apparent that one major aspect that has appealed to you more than any other is just how easy it is to return the chain to the mechanism when it successfully detaches.


Marcin provides a quick demo of just easy it is.


Traditionally, Roman breakaway devices have struggled with being overly complex - often, several components will detach from the headrail, leaving users unable to reassemble their window blinds and turning you to literally pick up the pieces. This, obviously has a negative impact on your relationship with the client and your bottom line.


'just pop it back in!'


With its self-contained design, our new breakaway mechanism will always remain intact, leaving the breakaway functionality to the one component that users will have any experience in dealing with - the operating chain. This simplicity invites users to reassemble their blinds themselves - if you pull out the chain, just pop it back in!

Leave your clients with the confidence that their blinds are not only child-safe but that safety won't make life difficult. In fact, returning the chain themselves will take less time than calling you for a visit!


Demand for our sample stock has been overwhelmingly positive but we still have some left so, if you haven't already, be sure to request a free sample, give it a go and let us know what you think.