Don’t let the suspense kill you

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Written by Marcin Daleki

A suspended ceiling is one of those awkward spaces where fitting blinds always seems to be a massive hassle. But what can you do? They're found in most of commercial spaces, and unless you're happy to turn those clients down, there's a simple solution - SUSPENDED CEILING TOP CLIPS.


It's a ceiling that has been installed below the standard ceiling. Space created between them is usually used for air conditioning installations, wiring, plumbing and other elements that need to be concealed in commercial sites but also have easy access to. The ceiling has a grid structure that is made of a metal aluminium frame sufficiently strong to hold the tiles (pannels) and any additional weight, like lights or window blinds for instance.



They are brackets designed to fit vertical blinds to the suspended ceiling. They don't need any drilling to be attached as they mount onto the metal grid that holds the ceiling tiles. Suspended ceiling clips are available for the following vertical systems:  Classic Wide and Narrow1000 Tiltrak and G8 Tiltrak systems. 



The bracket is made of two integral components that are joined with a rivet. This is the key feature and allows swivelling the clip in 360-degrees which again allows installing the blind into the square grid system in the desired angle so the blind is fitted parallel to the window - just as the should be!


I cannot stress enough that the clips are very easy to use and will make fitting blinds in spaces with the suspended ceiling a breeze, even for those who haven't got much experience. Such small and simple component has all the capacity to help you to expand your vertical blinds offering into the most modern commercial spaces, don't let the suspense kill you! 

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