Engage your clients with your own DreamHub video

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Written by Jason Petterson

We made a video just for you. Now, all we need is your logo!

Recently we stepped out of our comfort zone – product insights and how-to guides for the trade – to produce a consumer-focused video that you can promote as your own, introducing clients to quick, convenient and cost-effective window blind automation.



Make it your own

The first of a new series of 'white label' videos for our customers, this lifestyle video has been produced as a template that we can quickly edit to display your details instead of ours - free of charge. Give us your logo, number, address,  and/or whatever details you’d like to add to the end of the video and we’ll send back your own bespoke video.


Why the DreamHub?

With the proliferation of virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri and Google in many homes and workspaces across the UK, it's easy to assume that consumers have become savvy with smart home technology overnight. In fact, even enthusiasts have been wary of integrating their window blinds into their networks - up to now, solutions have been complicated, costly, ineffective or more trouble than manual operation. By introducing clients to the DreamHub with a video demonstration, you can influence and educate them before even meeting them.


Why do this?

It’s no secret that video content has become increasingly important in helping businesses, big and small, to generate online engagement, and that said engagement translates into revenue. Whether on your website, your Facebook page or even in your Google listing, videos are the best way to capture a consumer’s attention and share a message with them.

Why give away our videos? The easy answer is that helping our customers to sell our products/services is good for business. However, the more accurate answer is that we began to ask ourselves "If we can add value to our customers by providing them with more tools to promote their own business, and it comes at virtually no extra cost to ourselves, why wouldn't we?".


'DreamHub – Available from XYZ Blinds now!!!'

Interested in your own DreamHub promo video? Get in touch. You can submit your details via this form, leave us a message here on the website or email me directly at jason@decorquip.com. If you're not ready to promote smart blinds to your clients just yet, don’t worry. We’re looking to produce more white-label video content in the near future that will cover a range of subjects and can be customised as your own promotional content. So keep an eye out for it.


Got a suggestion?

Now, I’m not suggesting that we can begin producing content specific to every customer’s individual needs but, if there’s enough desire for a particular video subject, we’ll certainly push it to the top of the list! If you would like to discuss bespoke video project that we can collaborate on, get in touch and we may be able to arrange a visit from Marcin, our resident videographer. It would be nice to get him out of my hair for a day, to be honest!