First impressions count!

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Written by Jason Petterson

Is your customer looking for a blind that truly stands out?

At a glance, even the finest fabrics aren't always easily distinguished from their cheaper counterparts and it can leave your customer feeling underwhelmed.

So, for an instant impact that will capture your customer's attention, consider putting the finishing touches at the beginning of your next project.

Adding a little extra to the budget for accessories like fascias, bottom bars and chains allows you to present a blind in a whole new way. Think of it as sprucing up the blind's wardrobe with a nice suit and shiny new shoes!

For example, a Senses Roller Blind can't fail to provide the wow factor your discerning customers are looking for. The sophisticated form and finish of the fascia and bottom bar bestow the whole product with the feeling of quality. These, along with their end caps are available in a range of stylish finishes including our favourite - gunmetal.


When you order a Made-to-Measure Senses Roller Blind with us, you CAN mix and match all of the options, but we find that picking a fascia and end cap that complement each other and then matching the bottom bar to the same specification provides the best results. Of course, if you want to choose six entirely different colours, that's up to you too!

For some ideas on how upgrading your accessories from finishes to finishing touches can make a blind stand out as a feature in a room, check out our gallery in this blog post.