Get to Know Your Customers

Peter Ford's photo
Written by Peter Ford

At Decorquip we take a pride in knowing our customers, but, and a significant but, we know that in reality, we touch just the tip of the iceberg. 

Why get to know your customers?

There are numerous benefits to getting to know people. It enriches the lives of both persons and, as is often quoted in business, ‘people buy from people’. So forget about ‘customers’, ‘suppliers’, ‘B2B’, ‘B2C’ etc – get hold of people and build relationships.




Another benefit is what Franklin Covey refers to as the ‘Speed of Trust’. When you can trust someone, decisions can be made rapidly, ensuring that there is no waste of time or resource doing checks and double checks. This, in a business sense, is extremely efficient.

Now, as a person, my passion is people and socialising. I’m no loner! When you haven’t met face to face, distrust can creep in or wrong assumptions made about how tall, fat, thin, old, young a person is. Getting in front of people builds trust and can also help in collaboration and idea generation.




So, with today being a Get to Know Your Customers Day we thought that it would be a great idea to reach out and say ‘Hello’ and that we want to get to know you more.

We have two face to face customer-facing colleagues who would be delighted to stop by for a visit – Jared & Matthew.

However, for those of us stuck back in HQ, we feel a bit left out and after all, we’re the ones who are dealing with you (our customers) on a daily basis. Why not arrange to come for a factory tour and meet-the-team day. Find out who sends you those emails, who chases your money, who makes the tea, who makes your roller blinds, who picks your order or who the mysterious ‘bug buster’ is and what he does.




Oops, now that has turned to a ‘Get to Know Your Suppliers Day’!! But hey, if you come here we all get to know you. You’re welcome any time!