Getting the basics right

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Written by Jason Petterson

Our Classic Roller and Vertical fabric collections have been a firm favourite for our customers. The new edition of the Classic Collections brings with them new colours and textures to inspire your clients over the coming years.

The new Classic Roller collection is our biggest ever and has been compiled to help provide your clients with a stunning variety of fabrics that caters for every need, all in one book. Colours vary from the vivid to muted. Traditional prints like tartan can be found alongside eye-catchers like the Aslan Blackout Rainbow, which is sure to help start conversations with your clients.


As always, our Classic Roller collection also houses a selection of functional fabrics for clients with more practical needs - FR fabrics, blackouts, anti-microbial coatings, you name it, you’ll find it!

We would, of course, love for all our customers to invest in all of our collections but, if you’re in need of just one collection that ticks all the boxes, I can’t recommend the Classic Roller enough. It’s a solid foundation upon which a wider collection can be built at a later date. Add some sophistication with the Capital Collection or a splash of fun with our newly refreshed Printed collection for instance.


One last thing I have to make you aware of is new personalisation options available for the Senses accessories. Let your clients pick one of four stylish designs and it will be etched onto the surface of their headrails and/or bottoms. There’ll be more on this in the near future!


Not to be overshadowed, by the rollers, our new Vertical collection is equally as impressive this year. If not quite as big!

All new prints and colours have been introduced to some favourites, keeping the collection familiar but fresh, and they've all been selected with forecasted home and office design trends in mind. You’ll also find the reintroduction of aluminium louvres, in several colours, and our ever-popular PVC FR is available in louvre form.


All new colours, textures, prints and patterns have been specifically chosen to future-proof retailers for the coming years. Trends have been taken into consideration as well as an eye being kept on the more traditional options for your more traditional clients.

It’s no coincidence that this year’s Classic Roller and Vertical collections are being launched simultaneously. They are two sides of the same coin and complement each other perfectly. Perhaps my favourite thing about these collections is the detail in how well some of the printed fabrics complement each other. With print patterns being shrunk to fit vertical louvres, cohesive designs can be put together in spaces with more than one blind type. Colours can be swapped out for added depth but the matching prints, from florals to geometrics, keep a space tied together.


With these collections working so well together, we’re continuing to discount them when purchased as a pair so don’t forget to save yourself a few bob when you need to refresh your fabrics! Check out the Decorquip Classic Roller and Vertical Bundle.

We’ll be posting examples of some of the amazing new colours and designs our Pinterest account, so if you’re not convinced just yet, follow us and get to know them a little better.

 With either (or both) of these collections in hand, you'll have more than enough variety to make any client happy. Get the basics right and the rest will look after itself or so I've been told.