How we’ve been rated!

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We've been running a survey to gauge our NPS score (we'll explain what this is in a minute) for over a year now, and here are the results!

There you have it!  As you can see, we're not perfect - there's a few ups and downs - but the overall score is a staggering NPS score of 78!

But what does this actually mean?  Good question.  NPS is a measure of how willing a customer would be to recommend us - and it's a widely accepted method of measuring customer satisfaction.  In short, customers give us a rating of how likely they are to recommend us on a scale of 0 - 10.  The score is calculated by the % of promoters (people who give us a 9 or 10) minus the % of detractors (people who give us 0-6).  


So, out of a total of 926 survey responses, 83% were promoters, and 5% were detractors.  Our overall NPS is therefore 83 - 5 = 78.

You may be asking, why we do go to all this effort getting feedback from customers?  This is why:

  • It allows us to pick up any trends quickly - so we can monitor how we're doing overall
  • Customers also give us lots of comments - so we can fix things that need fixing quick!
  • We know what customers really love - so we can do more of it.

We're certainly not stopping our customer surveys now, just because it's a year on - we want your feedback, so hit the button below and tell us exactly what you think of us!  We're giving £1 to the Air Ambulance for every new submision as well, and you'll find out more about this soon.

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