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So you're aware, we sent out the following email today - please check to see if you need to take any action!

Good morning!

Today's the last day we're open and we're all looking forward to the break - it's been a fantastic but busy year!

However, before we go, we have an important message that we need you to read.  

Some of the chargers that have been sent out with our low voltage motors and batteries are incorrect.  This applies to the chargers for our Liberta Roller Blind Motor (code 191690), and the chargers for the Li-Ion batteries (codes 191704 & 191720) for the Roman and Cura Motors.  The code for the charger that is affected is 191692.  

So, if you have ordered any of these items from us in the past, we would like you to check with your customers as to what they received.  Checking is easy - you just need to look at the label on the charger.  Make sure that you have downloaded the images for this email and take a look at the images below.

Output = 12.6v (or 8.4v) - correct.  Go make yourself a cup of tea.


Output = 14.4v - incorrect.  Tell your customer to stop using it straight away, and let us know with the link below.  We'll send you a new one in January.  We want to recall incorrect chargers - so please send it back to us.


If you have the incorrect charger, tell us by clicking on the link and filling out the form.  We can send a free replacement straight to your customer to save you a site visit!  We can also collect the incorrect charger.

Click here to tell us about an incorrect charger.

So we hope this is clear - and please make sure to check if this applies to you!  If you use the incorrect charger there is a risk of damaging the battery and / or a fire... and we don't want that.  Two other important points are to make sure that the charging time shouldn't exceed 6 hours, and the charger should be unplugged when it's not being used.

Have a lovely holiday, and if you have any questions, please get in touch with the details below.

All the best,

The Decorquip Team

Call: 029 2088 0811

Added 8th May 2017

Please ensure that when using our 12v Rechargeable battery packs that you use all the same type of batteries.  If you mix batteries this can cause them to leak and / or cause a fire hazard.