Inspire the Aspirational

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Written by Jason Petterson

Our 2019 Retail Catalogue is now available. Knock down some walls and share it with your clients.


If you’re retailing directly to domestic clients, I’m sure you’re used to dealing with some of the most single-minded and demanding consumers out there. Apparently, our homes are an extension of our selves, so some people are understandably keen to ensure their décor is exactly as they want it.

With access to online services like Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube etc, consumers are more switched on to design trends than ever. They aspire to make their homes look like those online and in magazines - they have a deeper understanding of what their options are and what they want. So why do they still seek your help?


The average consumer carries out a tremendous amount of research before committing to a purchase, let alone what to purchase or from whom. Often, by the time a client has come to you for your services, they’ve done more than their fair share of research and have saturated themselves with collections of images and videos, sample and swatches. When they come to you, they’re asking for your professional help.

It’s during this consultancy period with your clients that you want to establish a level of trust and that’s why we publish our annual Retail Catalogue. As well as being entirely consumer-focused, with more images and simple guides in this year’s edition than ever before, every price is an RRP so you can share the book openly with your clients without the fear of exposing your costs.

web-retail-2019.jpgHaving tools like this at your disposal allows you get on with nurturing your client’s aspirations and helping them discover the right window shading for their space without putting up any barriers, building a relationship that will hopefully develop into a transaction and further business down the line.

The 2019 edition of our Retail Catalogue is available right now. If you haven’t got your free copies yet, you can order them here.


Otherwise, get in touch in any other and we’ll be happy whip one over to you with a next day delivery.


If you’re in the business of inspiring folks and providing them with quality products and service, don’t let your sales literature hold you back from inspiring your clients.

Inspire the aspirational.