Little and Often

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Written by Russell Gardiner

Lean is not about huge and expensive changes that cause massive upheavals. Less is often more. 

When you make lots of small and simple improvements, they add up to a much greater sum. 2 Second Lean, written by Paul Akers, explains that anyone and everyone can make a simple 2 second improvement everyday. And once you get in the habit of making simple improvements, you start to notice other wastes and eliminate them. This can be exponential and lead on to changes that do make big improvements. 

One simple 2 second improvement our dispatch team came up with, was to make sure that the documents enclosed pouches had a 'place'. Instead of them sitting on the edge of the desk, looking untidy, getting knocked off and sizes getting mixed up, put them in a box, in a set place. Now, they are always in the same place and don't get mixed up. 

Yes its simple, but lots of these improvements make it easier to pack and dispatch your order.