Look out, Ireland. Matthew’s on the way!

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Written by Jason Petterson

Things have been going well in Ireland in recent months – so well, in fact, we’ve decided to ship Matthew over to you… now and then!

Our customer base on the Emerald Isle continues to grow and, to ensure we can maintain a consistent level of customer service, we’re making a few improvements.

To guarantee everyone benefits from our quick deliveries – our operations team are securing new courier deals that support our delivery promises. If we say it’ll be tomorrow, it’ll be tomorrow. No matter where you are.

Also, we wanted to provide all our Irish customers with the same opportunity to meet someone in person and that’s why Matthew Remmington is now adding trips into Ireland to his schedule! Previously only managing Scotland and Northern England, Matthew has been providing customers from Auchenshuggle to Yaddlethorpe (real places!) with expertise, advice and free samples(!), and now he’ll be looking after mainland Ireland too. Connect with him on Linkedin.

Matthew Remington Decorquip

If you’d like Matthew to pay you a visit sometime, you can book an appointment via ourselves in the office. Give us a call on 029 2088 0811 or email russell@decorquip.com.

In the meantime, if you just can’t wait, get in touch anyway and we’ll be happy to send over samples of any fabrics and components you’d like to try out while you wait for Matthew!