Loyalty shall be rewarded with cookies and components!

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Written by Jason Petterson

Just a reminder that placing large orders will not only earn you a tube of shortbread cookies but a spares box too.

Decorquip's Shortbread

It's a VERY simple system:

Every order of £400 +vat or more will automatically earn you a tube of delicious shortbread cookies as a small token of our appreciation. Perfect for a munch with a quick brew between jobs!

Then, a few quick brews later, keep your lid and put it somewhere safe - Saving up and returning 10 lids to us will earn you a free spares box.

We'll make up the box especially for you, based your order history. If you order vertical and roller blinds, you'll probably find some endless chains, brackets, safety devices etc in there. If you'd like anything in particular, just let us know and we'll try to throw it in (within reason!).

Finally, If you're wondering what's happened to the chocolate chip cookie we used to give out, watch Jared explain how we put our cookie choice to the public vote.

...and that's the way the cookie crumbles!