Roman Blind Headrails. Made to Measure!

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Written by Jason Petterson

In my previous post, I introduced the addition of a 3-metre option to our range of standard Roman headrail kits. It’s impressively wide but, technically, we can go one better!

When ordering a Made-to-Measure Roman headrail, we can actually provide a width of up to 3100mm. That's a whole 10cm wider! If you’re unfamiliar with our M2M Roman headrail service, it’s a convenient way to order readily built kits, at exactly the specifications you need, with your choice of accessories built-in.

The service is somewhat like the Build-Your-Own food menus that are cropping up in the high streets lately, with burgers, stir-fry, and burritos (my personal favourite) being available in countless combinations but still easily accessible via 3-4 step menus. By my quick count, you can opt for 1 of 10,000+ combinations so I thought I’d apply the 3 Step Menu approach to help break those options down!




Step 1 – Provide your specifications
There are 17 pricing brackets to choose from, with widths ranging from 300mm to 3100mm and drops of 300mm to 3500mm. Let us know the measurements, and we can build your headrail to the millimetre.

Step 2 – Pick your options
Have your pick of chain colour options and materials, safety devices and brackets. This is where you can really personalise the features for your customer, at no extra cost. So go wild!

Step 3 – Would you like fries with that?
Just as a burger isn’t complete without fries, a Roman blind needs a bottom bar, rods and safety cord adjusters. If you have these yourself, you can opt for a Headrail Only kit but, if not, the Complete kit will give you everything you need right out of the box. It’s all about giving you the choice!


And that’s all there is to it! Follow my 3 Steps and we'll have everything we need to build everything you need. It's quicker than ordering a takeaway! Of course, these M2M kits are covered by our 3-year guarantee and 5-working day lead time. With the extra time you have, perhaps you could reward yourself with an extra-long lunch break and grab a burger!