Master the remote or be left behind?

Jason Petterson's photo
Written by Jason Petterson

When we first bring a new technology into our homes, it feels like a marvel of modernity. Very quickly though, it becomes the norm and life without it is unimaginable! What would you do without your smartphone?

If you’ve ever lost or broken a TV remote and been forced to trudge all the way across the room, on foot no less, to manually operate your TV, you’ll know that confusing mix of frustration and shame. We know it shouldn’t be a big deal but it just is. That’s modern life!


At Decorquip, we believe that the future of window blind operation will be fully motorised and remotely controlled, as standard, just like the TV. In a few years, the very thought of having to open a blind, by hand, only to repeat the process again later that day will be alien to the average consumer.

Whilst motorisation isn’t available for every blind type just yet, our current offering is some true magic – whisper quiet motors and a wide range of control options from wall switches to handheld remotes and the top secret (but not really so secret) mobile app we have in development. What really puts us ahead of the curve though is our support structure.

We understand that adopting a new technology is scary, especially when you’re stuck with a seemingly unfixable issue! To help you to stand out to your customers as experts in a field that will inevitably become the standard, we provide a suite of support videos that cover pretty much everything you’ll need to set up, customise and troubleshoot their tech teething problems.

As the technology continues to develop and our range of motorisation and control options expands, we’ll keep posting new support videos to ensure you’re always up to speed. We’ll be your secret weapon!

Whether you’re on-site with a customer putting you on the spot, or simply can’t find what you need in our videos, our Customer Care Team is always ready and waiting to offer support over the phone so you’ll have an expert in your ear, talking you through each step, exactly when you need it.

To find our full suite of support videos, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel and bookmark our Remote Control Support Playlist. Alternatively, we have the videos categorised on our website so you only see the ones you need for the product you’re operating eg. Roman Blind Motors.

Eventually, I’m sure we’ll all be controlling our window blinds with brain waves but, until then, remote controls will have to do, and if our TVs are anything to go by, we’ll never be going back.