Meet the Newcomers!

Russell Gardiner's photo
Written by Russell Gardiner

Our family here at Decorquip continues to grow as we welcome three new-starters this month. Best of luck to them all!

First, we say hello to Cerian. A new member of our customer care team, Cerian will help you with orders and queries and could very well be the next person you speak to here! Connect with Cerian on LinkedIn.


Next up is Tanya. Joining customer care at the same time as Cerian, Tanya will also be here to make sure your customer experience goes as smoothly as possible. You can connect with Tanya on LinkedIn too.


Last but not least is Jason. Our newest team member, Jason is joining to help manage your online experience and keep in touch with you on social media. Look out for some fun and useful blogs, infographics, and videos in the coming weeks and, if you have any suggestions for a new how-to video or any other online content, you can get in touch with him on LinkedIn.