My Dive into the DQ Customer Experience

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Written by Jason Petterson

As my first week as the new guy at Team DQ comes to a close, it was easy to decide what the subject of my first blog should be – How the business and everyone here TRULY cares about creating an environment that nurtures the best possible customer experience.

In the few days I’ve been here, I’ve been overwhelmed by the shared commitment to guaranteeing the customer, old or new, the best experience at every stage of the ‘customer journey’.

Decorquip’s products are of an exceptionally high quality, so I’m told. Now, I don’t know an exceptional blind from an awful one just yet but, according to the customer feedback I’ve been poring through this week, you certainly do and the vast majority of you agree. Something else that jumped out at me was how much you appreciate the quality of customer service and experience. As a marketer joining a company with a mission statement that promises ‘To make blinds enjoyable for our customers by focusing on what really matters’, it was a huge weight off my shoulders and my conscience!


Putting my own questionable morals aside and my business hat on, I’m reminded of a LinkedIn article that I came across a month or two ago that explains how, given the choice of two identical product/service offerings, a customer will most often choose the supplier that provides the better customer experience, even at a premium. The author, Matt Bennett, puts it far more eloquently than I ever could and I wouldn’t like to rehash his article any further so please go check it out if you have a moment.

What brought Matt's article to mind was a conversation that I was involved in this week about how the end user of our products, your own customers, are in the same position as yourselves or anybody else paying for anything else for that matter. If we could provide added value to them, I suggested, it would reinforce the value we provide to yourselves, like some kind of “Customer Experience Inception”. Then, it was explained to me that this is exactly what Decorquip already does!

Great customer experience is the foundation of the Decorquip offering. To support that, we make several promises about our service including bespoke orders turned around in 5 days, free next day deliveries, and my favourite the WowVow service promise. All of that coupled with the equally unique 5-year warranty on our products, not only serves as a solid assurance to yourself but your customer too. 


The real secret to the success here is all of the background stuff that you’ll never see or hear. Even the smallest of decisions made is aimed at improving the customer experience, directly or indirectly. Every tiny improvement is a celebrated win. The company supports the staff in all their endeavours and everyone has the opportunity to bring new ideas to the table – it’s refreshing and seems to be reflected in how much the staff genuinely wants to pass it on by providing the best support in turn to the customer. Everywhere I look, the effects of LEAN can be found. For those of you yet to discover LEAN (like myself this time last week!), it is a system, most often used in the workplace, to improve efficiency and reduce waste on a small scale that builds up to large result. If you’d like to find out more, you can join me in catching up on Paul Aker’s YouTube channel – he’s quite the hero around here!

Everyone and everything here is focused on helping our customer, to have a simple, seamless and even enjoyable experience. It’s not forced or false, it’s constantly evolving and what I find amazing is that the end result, what the customer sees is just the tip of the iceberg. The investment I've observed in quality components, happy staff, and the willingness to be open and honest with customers at every stage makes Decorquip like no other company I've known. I’m proud to have joined such a forward-thinking organisation and I’m already looking forward to coming back to work on Monday so I can chip in - and that is possibly the greatest testament I can provide!