Our Safety Breakaway Connector Explained!

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Written by Jared

Our Clear Safety Breakaway Connector is a bit different to other chain breakaways so we wrote this blog to explain how it works - read on!

What makes this safety device different to other options is that the chain doesn't pull out of the safety device - the safety device is made up of two pieces that pull apart when under pressure.


This breakaway function gives you several key advantages:

  • If the chain breaks, each part of the device remains on the end of the chain - the operator cannot pull the chain all the way through the mechanism and on to the floor
  • You only need one device per chain - making the chain more visually attractive and reducing manufacturing time
  • The breakaway action is not dependant on the precise ball size of the chain - it will work with any ball chain with a diameter of 4.5mm
  • Once explained to customers, it is easy to clip back together again if required - reducing callbacks to site

As it is transparent, it can be used with any colour chain without causing a colour clash, so saving you having to stock several colour options.  

Roman Blinds

With only one device required per chain, this can be used with 1:1 and 1:2 mechanisms.  This means that you can offer your customers blinds with the long chain possible with a breakaway safety device, and the performance of a geared mechanism.  

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