Pearlised fabrics!

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Written by Jared

One thing that customers don't think about when they put massive expanses of glass into their building is the heat.  When it's sunny, it can be like an oven.  You will find a very special fabric that will help these customers in our new Capital Collection.

Called Greenwich, this fabric is ideal for for those huge (or not so huge) windows that your customer needs to cover:

  • Special white pearlised backing to reflect heat and light
  • 3000mm fabric width for no unsightly joins in massive Roller Blinds!
  • FR tested to DIN4102 & B1 standards

Greenwich is just one of the unique fabrics contained within the Capital Collection.

The collection as a whole is designed to help your company stand out it today's market, so hit the button below to order your collection (they're only £125 + VAT) to start your journey!