Retail Catalogue 2020

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Written by Jason Petterson

Make buying blinds enjoyable with this year's retail catalogue


Hot on the heels of our trade catalogue comes the launch of this year’s retail catalogue, made up of our recommended retail priced (RRP) made-to-measure blind and curtain options.

Just as important as the retail pricing, the catalogue is designed with the consumer in mind and is filled with photography and other informational elements to help you and your clients, giving you the opportunity to strike up the right conversations and understand exactly what they’re looking for.



By the time an average client has approached you, they’re likely to have conducted their own research online and developed ideas of what they want. The good news for you is that they’ve decided they want the help and consultancy of a professional!

This consultancy period is your opportunity to establish a connection – with tools like the retail catalogue at your disposal, you can begin to develop a relationship built on trust before you’ve entered into any kind of professional agreement.


Face-to-face time with clients is more important than ever, being your chance to show potential clients why your expertise is so valuable to them. Spending less time crunching numbers and more time discussing ideas and aspirations will do just that.

Coupled with the 2020 Trade Catalogue, this year’s retail catalogue will hopefully help you to make buying blinds enjoyable. Get your free copy (or a few for sharing with clients!) today.