Sharing our Secrets - Simple, Visual Scoreboards

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Written by Russell Gardiner

This is the second post from the 'Sharing our Secrets' series where we reveal what goes on behind the scenes here. We believe in sharing knowledge and our experiences because we have learnt so much from many other people. 

This video here is a brief overview of how we track our orders, ideas and errors. Visual aids are powerful and easily understood by everyone. Kier did work experience with us and Tarquin asked him to explain it after only 5 minutes!  

So what do you measure daily? This is really the reason we can provide the WowVow, because we measure errors every day and put processes in place to prevent them happening again. It can be a great help to see whether you're ahead or falling behind. Having it very clear and visual ensures it is easily understood by all and there is greater buy in to get it right. 

Getting ideas from everyone in the team has been a huge help to us. Everyone has ideas, so make it easy for them to be aired and then others will get inspiration for more ideas! 

We owe a lot of these improvements to Paul Akers who wrote '2 Second Lean' which makes Lean simple! His book is free so we recommend that you read it.