Our new addition to Pleated Blinds

Marcin Daleki's photo
Written by Marcin Daleki

Our Pleated Blind offering continues to grow, as we're introducing a simple addition to all of our Pleated systems for even better light control properties -  PLEATED BLIND ALUMINIUM ANGLE.

The Pleated Blind Aluminium Angle is a 90-degree L-shaped profile. Designed to snugly fit into the window frame to cover the gaps between the blind and window recess on sides and the bottom obscures the light coming through them and enhances shading properties of the blind.


Available as an additional option to all of our made-to-measure Pleated systems for windows with 90-degree recess, this simple but effective component is another great feature that adds more value to our Pleated blinds by improving their functionality. 

The Aluminium Angle is also very easy to install with screws. However, if drilling is not an option, it can be glued on instead or attached with double-sided tape - it's so simple!


You can order your made-to-measure pleated blinds in just a few minutes now, any time of day or night by submitting a complete order online.

With a guaranteed 5-day turnaround on most of our made-to-measure Pleated blinds and the protection of our WowVow service promise, you can lean on the quality of product and service to wow your most discerning clients and stand out from the crowd.