The Beast Caught Up With Us!

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Written by Jason Petterson

**UPDATE 07/03/18**

We're catching up but with the backlog but our carriers have still got lots to do so many orders are out for delivery and being delayed there. Currently, our carriers are unable to guarantee timed AM deliveries so, if you need an order to arrive in the morning, check with Customer Care team and they'll do what they can to accommodate it.



Beast from the East

Our carriers have been informing us this morning that collections in our area are being cancelled and even those that are still trying to operate have told us that items won't make it any further than their depots in the next 24 hours.

What does this mean for you?

In short, if you have an order scheduled for delivery over the next few days, you should expect a delay. We've just received a red weather warning for this afternoon and current forecasts are suggesting that tomorrow's weather is going to be worse than today. We're keeping in contact with the carriers and, as soon as they are able to get to us, regular delivery will resume.

Everyone here at Team DQ has made it into work today. It is Saint David's Day after all and we're a pretty tough bunch! This means that weather permitting, any orders scheduled for next week should be okay. Our workshop is operating at full capacity and our Customer Care team is here to help you with any queries or orders you may have. In fact, with the country coming to a standstill, it's a little quiet here so they'd be happy for you to call in for a chat!

Is this covered by the Wow Vow?

We're pretty good at managing the Sun but snow is beyond our influence! Because these delays are down to the impact of the severe weather here and across the rest of the UK, I'm afraid we aren't offering any discounts on the affected orders. We are doing our very best to keep things running as smoothly and promptly as possible but we are losing the battle against The Beast! If you feel we are at fault at all, then I'd encourage you to get in touch. We're not enforcing a blanket ban on Wow Vow claims - just anything that we don't have control over!

Have nothing to do over the next few day?

It goes without saying that safety comes first. If you're in a badly affected area, get home and warm! Then, once you're wrapped up warm, I can recommend a pretty good YouTube channel to check out. If selling window blinds is your thing, it's just the channel for you - with lots of guides, how-tos, and innovative new items, all threaded with just a dash of light entertainment! We're very close to reaching 100 subscribers so, if you like our videos, your subscription would mean the world!

What's next?

As I mentioned, we're still running at full capacity here at our HQ so we're not falling behind in the processing or manufacturing of any orders. As soon as the roads as safe enough for our carriers to get around, we'll be back up to speed in a day. I'll keep you posted over the next few days with updates to this blog and social media posts across LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Check them out or give us a call if you're looking for an update. We're here to help.

That's my weather report over and done with. I hope you're all safe and our current predicament doesn't cause too much disruption for you!