The Capital Collection is Growing

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Written by Jason Petterson

Last year we had the idea to source the very best blind fabrics and bring them together to create a collection that would not only provide stunning design options but meet any practical requirements our customers could have. Some time, and several versions later, we introduced the Capital Collection, and couldn't have been happier with it. At least so we thought. Your positive feedback and overwhelming demand for the Collection bowled us over. Did you know that a Capital Collection fabric can now be found in more than half of our Made-to-Measure orders?

A year later, we're taking the Capital Collection into a second phase. It will evolve over time to reflect changes in trends and the demand for practical but niche options. The first change we're making is the introduction of Belgravia. A sheer, fire-retardant fabric that fits perfectly with the other fabrics. Peter explains in the launch video above how Belgravia qualified as the first new fabric in the Collection.

Your commitment to the Capital Collection has been fantastic and we would be remiss if we didn't match your enthusiasm by rewarding the early adopters. So, we're very happy to let you know that we will be distributing Belgravia cards to every Capital Collection stockist, old or new, free of charge. That way, you can be assured that you're offering your customers the latest and greatest version of the Collection. We're working on getting the cards manufactured and they'll be ready in the new year. If you can't wait, A4 samples of all eight colours are available and can be requested online right now!

Thank you for your commitment. You've made the Capital Collection a bigger success than we could have expected and your feedback is the driving force behind its ongoing development. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, get in touch here on the website, through the usual social media channels, or just call us up for a chat!