The Catalogue’s Gone to Print!

Jason Petterson's photo
Written by Jason Petterson

I must apologise for it being a quiet few weeks here on the website. I assure you that, beneath the surface, I’ve been paddling furiously.


I’m halfway through my first year at Decorquip and have already ticked off some of the ‘major’ milestones – our annual strategy meeting, National Pizza Day and the issuing of a new Trade Catalogue. I remember joining the team and wondering why people kept asking how I felt about the catalogue. “It’ll be fine.” I would say, “Just a few updates. Shouldn’t take long”.

A few months, innumerable coffees and two weary, bloodshot eyes later – I’ve finished. Prices are updated. New products are added. Fresh artwork is included and the Decorquip Trade Catalogue 2018 has been sent to print!

Along the way, I learned a few things. A few horrible things about myself (!) but mostly about our products and our catalogue. So, while my brain reboots this week, I thought I’d share a few of those things with you. So… Did you know?

1.  The trend for motorisation is picking up speed and Decorquip aims to stay at the forefront of this change so we’ve introduced new, ultra-quiet motors AND added a motorisation option to our pleated blinds.

2.  Our loyalty program is not known to as many of our customers as we’d like – So I made a BIG unmissable splash in the new catalogue.

3.  Close-up photos can make any boring thing look cool!

4.  I can’t give too much away on what’s new yet but there are a few additions coming that will provide you and your customer with more choice than ever. I’m a bit of a statistics nerd and I failed twice to figure out the number combinations available via our Made-to-Measure service. Needless to say, there's a lot. I'll work on it.

5.  Our WowVow is even simpler than people give it credit for – if we muck up, in any way, you choose how much you pay. It really is that simple so I’m pleased to say that I’ve updated the catalogue to reflect that.

6.  We have a new product on the horizon, being launched officially in the very near future, that is not only going to solve all your fascia needs in one go, regardless of the shape of the window and how many blinds you have, but will do it with absolute style. Watch this space.

7.  We are VELUX dealers, supplying official VELUX blinds that have been built to fit your customers’ VELUX blinds perfectly. If you don’t have a VELUX account, we’ll be able to help. You'll find the available options in the new catalogue.

8.  Between our components and fabrics we have THOUSANDS of prices and, unfortunately for me, many of them have been changed year. Fortunately for you though, on the whole, those prices are going down and that can be attributed to our ongoing efforts in Lean operations.

9.  Talking of prices, we’re introducing what has been referred to internally as the ‘bulkier price’ for many of our fabrics. Getting a discount on a full roll of fabric is good but now we're able to offer you a greater discount when you buy more! Again, great for you, more work for me!

10.  Nobody can explain why the 4.5/6 ball chain is called a No. 10. I found nothing online! If you know, I would love to hear from you!


There's plenty more to find in the 2018 trade catalogue but you'll have to find it for yourself! If you’ve been a customer of ours in the past year or two, we’ll be sending you a copy, free of charge, sometime in the first few days of March, giving you a month’s grace to prepare for the new prices going live in April. If you're not expecting a copy but would like to get one, let us know and we'll send it over!

Now I have one catalogue under my belt, I’m keen to get started on the next one and would love to hear what you think we should include.