The hidden depths of the Capital Collection

Jason Petterson's photo
Written by Jason Petterson

Did you know that many of the Capital Collection ranges are available as Vertical Blinds? I didn’t either but I’m still the new guy!

Before I’d even stepped foot into Decorquip on my first day, I thought myself something of an expert on our Capital Collection. I’d visited the dedicated website and put what I thought was the important stuff to memory – 379 fabrics. 23 ranges. Exclusive to Decorquip. Wide options, pearlized options, fire-retardant, sheers, blackouts etc. However, I was way off the mark.


My biggest mistake had been to assume that the fabrics wouldn’t really be all that different to any others on offer. I laughed when Jared claimed that some of the fabrics were good enough to wear but, since having hands-on experience, I owe him an apology. I think that a suit made from the Westminster range would easily put anything hanging in my wardrobe to shame!

Something else I missed until this week is that the fabrics aren’t exclusively suitable for Roller Blinds. In fact, 9 of the 23 ranges (by my count, over 100 fabrics!) can be used as louvres for Verticals. Amongst these, you’ll still find fire retardants, sheers, blackouts, and everything else I mentioned earlier. It’s virtually a second collection hidden within the first, making it even more comprehensive than I’d imagined.


In my role, communicating the tactile nature and variety of the fabrics in this signature collection is a huge challenge. No matter how many photos and videos I upload, you just can’t feel the fabrics through your computer/smartphone screens so I'm taking this opportunity to implore you to purchase one of our Capital Collection fabric books! You won’t be disappointed.

If you’d prefer to learn more about the collection online, you can visit the dedicated website. Alternatively, give us a call to request some samples.