The phones are down. Nobody panic.

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Written by Jason Petterson

In most offices, uttering the word "the phones are down!" can whip up a storm of panic so I was surprised to see the reaction here when it happened to us.

This blog began life as a simple page for hosting updates on a technical issue we had with our telephones last week to keep customers aware of the ongoing situation. Thankfully, the problem only lasted a few hours but, in the name of transparency and encouraging people to engage with our social media channels, I'm keeping this post up and running.

As of this early afternoon on Friday 16 March, we’ve been unable to make or take any telephone calls. We’re working with our provider to identify and resolve the issue as quickly as possible but, until then, our business has been cut off from the outside world. Almost. Thankfully, we still have full internet access!

As I’m writing this, our Customer Care and Sales teams are busily tapping away at keyboards – keeping orders on track, updating customers by email and chatting with them via our website's messaging system. On top of that, we have posted notifications across all of our social media channels. Having built my own career in digital communications, I love that we are using digital channels to react quickly and efficiently to a problem that could knock other businesses off their feet.

Even with this blog and an email being distributed this afternoon, can we be certain that we will reach every customer that may be disrupted by our telephone? Probably not. But I’m confident that the teams here are doing their best to keep communications with our customers as open as possible.

In order to take lemons and make lemonade, I thought today is a good opportunity to remind you of the many ways in which you can get in touch. Whether you’re placing orders, have a general enquiry or even a complaint, you can contact us however you like.

As well as being home to information on our products, our services and ourselves, you can order both wholesale and made-to-measure items on, all in your own time! Alternatively, you can chat directly with someone in our Customer Care team via the online chat service. You’ll find it tucked in the corner of your screen anywhere on our website and it’s totally mobile-friendly.

For general enquiries, email at Don’t let the address confuse you – it’ll get you through to our Customer Care team and if they don’t have an answer for you, you can bet they’ll find it.

If you'd like to place an order from our trade catalogue (2018 edition available now), why not send it through to

To request a quote, contact us via We’ll whip up some figures for you in an hour.

Social Media
No longer the domain of teenagers only, social media is a great place to engage with organisations publicly and/or privately, especially for mobile users. You’ll find us operating on LinkedInTwitter and Facebook. As this is my domain, I’ll take this as a shameless opportunity to encourage you to follow on these platforms for news, how-to’s, tips and guides. While you’re at it, subscribe to our YouTube channel. I may be biased but I think it’s genuinely the best window blind weekly content you’ll find in the industry!

'Snail' Mail
If you’re a traditionalist, we’d still love to receive your mail here at DQ-HQ or even a personal visit! We guarantee a friendly welcome and good cuppa!

You can find us here in sunny South Wales:
Decorquip Ltd
Rhymney House,
Unit 8, Bedwas House Industrial Estate,
Bedwas, Caerphilly, CF83 8DW


As for our telephone issue, we are in all seriousness, very sorry if this impacting you. We’re expecting to back to taking your calls sometime this afternoon (16/03/18) so please keep trying. If you can’t get through, I encourage you to get in touch via one of the channels I mentioned above. And, if you’re feeling adventurous, why not try a new one? You might get a new favourite!