The benefits of a quick turnaround

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Written by Jason Petterson

I recently posted the upcoming deadlines for orders to be delivered before Christmas. It got me to thinking about, regardless of the time of year, what our quick free delivery means to you.

If you’re unaware of our lead times, you can find them on our Deliveries page but the gist is that we provide free next day delivery on all component orders to mainland UK and a free five working day turnaround on most made-to-measure orders. And if you're looking for those Christmas deadlines, you can find them here (the first is next week!).


For this blog, I’ve listed some of the benefits, to you and your customers, of our quick (and free!) lead times:

1 - Your own customer service

Your customers are looking for great products, made to measure, at a decent price. Being able to meet these criteria whilst meeting or even exceeding their expectations for delivery/fitting could help you to secure the sale. Maintaining a consistently quick turnaround for your orders will keep your customers impressed and coming back with repeat business.

2 - Flexibility

When your suppliers are holding you back with lengthy lead times, you have no choice but to adapt your business to accommodate. But you shouldn't have to. Having a supplier that guarantees quick, free delivery not only saves you from having to order weeks in advance but allows you to meet last minute requests. What's better than securing a sale? Poaching one from a bigger, slower competitor!

3 - Storage costs

Being able to order as much or as little component stock as you like and have it delivered the next day, free of charge, is a game changer. Not only will you save on storage space but you’ll no longer be stuck with the options of investing more funds than you’d like into stock that may take months/years to shift, or holding back on orders to lessen the impact of delivery costs and risking the disappointment of a customer.

4 - Reputation

In an increasingly online world, the success of your customer-facing business can more reliant on reputation than ever. News travels fast and bad reviews last forever. Being able to reliably keep your promises on seemingly ambitious turnaround times will see you picking up five-star ratings like nobody’s business! This, in turn, will generate even more business!

5 - Time-Saving

It seems like a simple point that doesn’t warrant mentioning but a quick turnaround from your suppliers saves you time - and the value of that time cannot be overstated!

Whilst you (probably!) aren’t sat at the door waiting for every delivery, you still can’t run your business as efficiently or with as much agility as you’d like when you're waiting on multiple orders. Being able to cross out those orders, collect payment and focus on the next job at hand as quickly as possible, you’ll find you can squeeze a little more out of each day - boosting productivity and, ultimately, profitability!


Here at Decorquip, providing excellent customer service is our number one priority. We recognise that helping you to keep your own customers happy by exceeding their expectations and strengthening your business is an area where we can help so it's something we focus on. As the days count down to Christmas, you’ll probably need more help than you have all year so make sure to get in touch with us in time. Your customers will remember it next year!