Venetian Range Refresh

Russell Gardiner's photo
Written by Russell Gardiner

The Real Wood and Faux Wood Venetian ranges have had a refresh and there are some important points you need to know. 

First and foremost let's answer a very common question. 'A refresh? so do I have or order a new Swatch? I've only just had one!'

Yes, you will need a new one, however, we know the frustration of having just bought a book, only to find out a month after that it has gone out of date. Please welcome our new Book discount structure. The table below lists out how much you can get off your new book according to how long ago you purchased it. 


Moving on to the product changes, the Real Wood Venetians refresh now gives you the option of 16 colours (including 5 white shades and 9 stained woods) all of which are available in 50mm wide. 8 colours are also available in 35mm. Slat colour matched valances and colour co-ordinated cords are also available. Discontinued products are:

  • All 25mm and 63mm slats
  • Carden 50mm
  • Piano Black 50mm
  • Red Alder 50mm
  • True White 50mm

Faux Wood Venetians now have 18 colours all of which are available as 50mm slats and 10 slat colours are available as 38mm. There are 7 white shades (and 2 brand new privacy options), 5 greys and 6 wood tones. The 2 privacy options contain no cord holes but this new system means the cords on run on the outside of the slats for more complete closure. Discontinued Products are:

  • All 63mm slats (Except Snow)
  • Highshine Black 50mm
  • Silk White 50mm
  • Silk Ivory 50mm
  • Dark Walnut 38mm
  • Hot Chestnut 38mm
  • Valley Oak 38mm
  • Whitewash 38mm

Also, important to note on the Faux Wood Venetians, a new attractive plastic headrail has replaced the current one and this can be used with or without a valance. It also contains a light block strip for the top slat to give exceptional top slat closure.