We get a visit from Kris

Jason Petterson's photo
Written by Jason Petterson

With honesty and openness being integral to many of the core values that drive our work and culture, we love to swing open our doors and receive visits from customers and suppliers alike.

This week, we welcomed Kris from Bradbury Tracks Ltd, and once the grand tour was complete, Jared collared him with a camera for a quick chat.


Kris is a fellow fan of the LEAN way of working and it was fantastic to share ideas with him. Getting a fresh perspective from visitors always inspires us to keep up those small improvements.

If you'd like to come meet the team and take a guided tour of our bustling HQ, please do get in touch - call us, email us, tweet us, whatever it is, we'd love to hear from you!

ps. if you come along, the video interviews are (almost) entirely optional!