We’re launching our 2018 Retail Catalogue

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Written by Jason Petterson

'Making buying blinds enjoyable is more than a friendly slogan from the Marketing team - it's our company mission!

Launching our 2018 Retail Catalogue

Smoothing over the process of buying blinds for our customers is one thing but we’re in the business of enriching the experience for everyone – your clients included – and that’s why we publish a retail catalogue every year.


The 2018 Retail Catalogue is now available and you can order your free copy today!


Over the years, our retail catalogue has developed beyond its original purpose. Now, more than a simple list of recommended retail prices for made-to-measure blinds, it can be utilised to inform and inspire.

It has been designed with the consumer in mind so you can share it with them without the worry of exposing costs. User-friendly tables and diagrams can be used to illustrate more technical aspects, and the photography throughout can be used to help spark new ideas and inspirations.

Your face-to-face time with clients is important – spend more time providing solutions and less crunching numbers under the desk!

Coupled with our trade catalogue, our genuine hope for this new catalogue is that it will make buying blinds enjoyable for you and your clients. That’s why we put it on the cover!