Why choose our Pleated Blinds?  They’re not cheap.

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Written by Jared

Why choose our Pleated Blinds?  They're not cheap.  Good question - watch Tarquin explain.

So, let's recap. This is what makes our Pleated Blind different:

- Turnaround.  Our lead time for blinds with white components is 1 (one) week

- Quality.  Our blinds come with a 5-year guarantee and tensioned blinds come with stainless steel guidewires for strength

- They're simple to fit & adjust on site - we even send out a nifty screwdriver!

- Free shortbread with orders (currently over £400 + VAT)!

Our newly refreshed Pleated Fabric Collection is now available at only £55 + VAT. Keep yourself up to date with the latest designs and order yours here while you're here!