Why use a Fibreglass Rod Cutter

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Written by Jason Petterson

If you’ve ever cut a fibreglass rod with a saw, by machine or hand, you’ll know it’s no fun. Tarquin explains the benefits of using a pair of a specialist cutter instead.

Being rigid but lightweight, fibreglass rods are a great option for supporting Roman blinds. However, unless you're properly prepared, cutting them to length can be difficult and even dangerous, especially when using a saw.

With this in mind, Tarquin and a few of the guys in the workshop put together a video to demonstrate one of the best ways to overcome some of the problems they can cause by employing a purpose-built fibreglass rod cutter instead.



This cutter makes light work of the 4mm rods but the strength of the fibreglass makes cutting anything thicker than this by hand a challenge. So, in order to avoid any strains or accidents, the cutter can only be used on the 4mm variant.


4mm rod cutter web 2018 

If you're cutting the rods regularly, with a rod cutter or a saw, we'd recommend making use of a mask and gloves as best practice. We all know the health risks of inhaling the dust, but even after shooting this video, Tarq got some very itchy hands!

Also, if you opt to saw the rods, be sure to deal with the swarf correctly. Being fibreglass, some of the edges can be quite sharp so cutting them off, sanding them down, and/or covering the ends with a cap will not only make fitting the rod into your fabric a much smoother experience but make your product much safer for yourself and your customers.