Your feedback and our NPS score!

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Written by Jared

What's the point of taking time to give us your feedback, and what on earth is NPS?  That's two good questions, and we've explained in this short blog!

First of all, why do we want feedback?  Very simply, we want to know what our customers think of us and our service.  By having a constant stream of feedback, we can monitor how we're doing - and if we need to pull our socks up, we know sooner rather than later!  Also, when customers tell us what they love about dealing with Decorquip, then we know we need to keep that up!  We also monitor our NPS score, which allows us to track how we're doing on a graph - like the one below.  The rest of this blog explains what this means!


What is NPS?

NPS stands for Net Promotor System (or score).  Very simply, it's a way of measuring customer experience.  By asking for answers to the question 'How likely is it that you would recommend Decorquip to a friend or colleague?', we get scores ranging from 0 (not at all likely), to 10 (extremely likely).  Scores are then grouped as a Promoter (score of 9 or 10), a Passive (score of 7 or 8) or a Detracter (scores between 0 and 6).  You then work out your NPS score with the following formula: % Promotors - % Detractoros = NPS.

However, that's rather a lot to take in with just text, so we've borrowed the diagram below from which explains it visually!


Once we know our NPS score, we can plot it on a graph - in fact, the graph above plots our scores for the last 3 months!  You can see that there's a few ups and downs.  And that is why it's so useful for us to monitor.  If our NPS score goes down, then we can find out what's causing the problem, and then fix it - quick.  If it goes up, then we know that we must doing something right - we can find out why, and then do more of it!

So, that's why we love feedback!  Keep it flowing - we need it and we want it.  And if you feeling in a let's-give-feedback-sort-of-mood, then hit the button below, and tell us what you think!