Your feedback helps to save lives

Marcin Daleki's photo
Written by Marcin Daleki

'Continous improvement' is not just a showy catchphrase at Decorquip, it's something that we're passionate about and what better source to drive this pursuit than customer feedback. 

We've been asking for your feedback for years now, we take all positives and negatives on board and also give you a chance to help save lives, as we donate £1 to the Wales Air Ambulance for every new submission.  

Wales Air Ambulance covers the whole of Wales every single day. Each year their helicopters attend around 2500 missions, covering rural countryside and bustling towns and cities. With each mission costing on average £1500, Wales Air Ambulance needs to raise £6,5 million every year, relying entirely on the public's support. With your help, we were able to raise £1988, which we happily passed into the hands of the Wales Air Ambulance's community coordinator Catrin Hall, who came to visit us today.

We're extremely grateful for the amount of feedback we've received in the past couple of years, well 1988 to be exact. Today we've contributed to keeping Wales Air Ambulance's helicopters flying, in the future we're planning to support more charities.  So keep your feedback coming, help us provide better service to you and support those in need across the country.