Break the Stereotype

Roman blinds have been around since the gladiators entertained the elites of the Eternal City at the peak of the Roman Empire and for more than two millennia have evolved into more than just a practical item, becoming a firm favourite in windows around the world and an integral part of interior design.

With all the beautiful fabrics available, standard headrail Roman blinds ticked all the boxes for decorative purpose, bringing that ‘soft furnishing feel’ to spaces, however recently, they’ve fallen into a stereotype of being slightly out of date.

Furthermore, their technical design and limited lifting capacity restrict their use to residential only, mainly occupying standard size windows. The XL Roman Blinds are another step in the evolution of the system, extending its functionality and strength. 

Strength and width

XL Roman Blind is a motorised system and, as the name suggests, it accommodates a much bigger headrail than standard Romans. Also, instead of using a tilt rod, the cord is being spooled on a hexagonal tube that sits inside of the headrail. These features make the blind a solid and powerful construction, therefore an ideal option for huge windows. 


To ensure neither the blind or the client ever struggle with lifting the increased weight of what is often very thick roman fabric, it has been equipped with a mains powered motor with a lifting capacity of 25kg. With the motor currently utilised by this system, the XL Roman Blind can be used for windows up to 3.5×3.5m, however, in the very near future we’ll be introducing new bi-directional battery motors which will improve the functionality of the blinds even further and allow for their use in much taller windows again – up to 5.5m.  


Motorisation of the system also gives the flexibility of various operation options that can be offered to fulfil the needs of every client. Although, it’s needless to mention the remote controls which have already become a standard in the market, however, demand for compatibility with smart home systems is rapidly growing and is a fantastic way to enrich the offering to wow even the most demanding clientele. 

Easier to fit

Another benefit of the XL Roman Blind is the convenience of its installation, so regardless of whether the blind requires face or top-fixing, the bracket provided will accommodate both. This small simplification has huge potential, as it can make the XL Roman Blind a fitter’s favourite to ever install. Ok, that might be slightly too far fetched. We all know, however, that fitters’ recommendations can be quite powerful, so why not make their work a little bit easier for them and get in their good books? 


Explore new markets

The XL Roman Blind is a workhorse of a blind and definitely takes Roman blinds functionality to a higher level. Try out a fabric from our brand new Roman & Curtain Collection or combine the XL Roman Blind with a Capital Fascia and our new in-house M2M curtains and, you’ll find it much easier to bring these ‘old fashioned’ blinds to modern residential and commercial spaces.

Check out our discount structure which we’ve design to help you to win those large orders.