Finish your shadings with style

No matter the blind, no matter the window, Capital Fascia has you covered.

Capital Fascia is the most stylish and practical way to conceal interior window blinds and fixings for a clean and modern look in any home or office. With its modular components and range of colours, you can provide a solution for any blind, be they recess or face-fixed, in any window.

Setting the standard

Introduced as a partner to our signature Capital Collection fabrics, the Capital Fascia had to meet three important criteria – high-quality reliable materials, simple sophisticated style, and versatility – to be up to scratch. Now, the combination of a Capital Collection blind finished with a Capital Fascia and motorisation is something special.

versatile products

Which fascia suits your project?

Suitable for face-fixed or recess blinds and even the tricky angles presented by bay windows, the modular design accommodates blinds in virtually any window setting you can think of. It’s simple layout and even simpler fixings mean that it can be be retro-fitted.

The panels are available in two sizes – 90mm and 120mm so you can keep it slim and light or go bold, depending on your client’s preference. The 120mm size covers a multitude of sins – providing most blinds with complete coverage.

what capital size is right for your project

The Capital Fascia has quickly become a firm favourite with our trade customers and end-users alike. With its range of stylish colour options and the compatibility of its components, users can opt for a variety of styles – blending into existing décor for clean and subtle concealment of their blinds, or choosing a combination of colours to highlight accents and existing materials for a supremely sophisticated finish.

Side Profile Insitu

Eliminate light leakage

Our new side profiles add another layer of completion to a window, concealing light gaps either side of a closed blinds and disguising imperfections in the walls that may otherwise be seen. As with the other components, versatility is key so the side profiles, which match the fascia itself, can be fitted in several positions depending on the needs of the clients.

Give your premium blinds the finish they deserve with Capital Bottom Bars (NEW)

Available in 3 corresponding colours, Capital Bottom Bars complete our Capital Fascia line, giving your windows a cohesive and stylish look from top to bottom.

Explore the gallery for more inspiration

There’s a lot to learn about Capital Fascia and its application is limited only by your imagination. But the real test is how a user feels it will fit into their home or workspace. To make this as easy and enjoyable as possible, we have updated our Capital Fascia Presentation Case – complete with samples of the colours, both sizes of fascia, and the new side profile.

Capital Fascia Presentation Case

The real test of the Capital Fascia is how an end user feels it will fit in their home or workspace.

For a hands-on experience, try the Capital Fascia Presentation Case – complete with samples of the colours, both sizes of fascia, and the new side profile.

End users can reach out to their local dealers and ask for a demonstration. Trade customers who need to purchase a new case, can find them here.

A huge ‘THANK YOU’ to all the trade customers and end users that have reached out with positive feedback on the Capital Fascia. It is thanks to your suggestions the range has grown into what it is today.

Have any feedback, requests or questions about what you can achieve with the Capital Fascia, get in touch.