The new Classic Roller & Vertical Collections are now available and they are bigger and better than ever.

Built to complement each other, the collections are both packed full of incredibly wide ranges of designs, colours, textures, and features that will help your clients exactly what they’re looking for.

So what’s new? Well, to list all the fabrics being brought into and taken out of the collections won’t be much fun for anyone and you’ll be able to browse the books online very soon. But, for now, here are some of the highlights:

ECO fabrics

As usual, a lot of research goes into deciding what fabrics are going to be added to the collections. Often this results in a forecast of how well design trends are going to perform over the next few years and results in new designs, colours textures being introduced. However, the topic of sustainability and the demand for environmentally responsible products is increasingly at the forefront of the minds of consumer and corporate clientele alike, so a lot of attention was put into expanding the range of recycled fabrics available.

Building on the steps taken in the last iteration of the Roller & Vertical collections, we are now offering a whopping 40 fabric options from a yarn that is produced entirely from recycled PET plastic bottles.

Many of the fabrics you’ll find in the ECO range are new this year but you’ll also find that some of the old favourites have been updated too. Classics like Bonsai, Kinross and Nordic asc, to name but a few, have been completely reconfigured and are now also made from 100% recycled PET – making them even more popular than before.

Kids fabrics

We have a growing range of fabrics that are ideal for kids’ rooms – all of which are blackout to help the little ones stay asleep and hopefully give mum and dad a lie-in.

Dreamland is a beautiful design available in pastel or grey colours that will fit perfectly in any baby or toddler room, Spacecraft and Dino Friends will inspire budding scientists with their fun designs, and Mono Leopard will blend into the jungle décor of budding naturists.

Other fun and bold patterns like Multistripe are also available – again in blackout.

New layout

The books itself has been built to more effectively help you and your clients find the colours you’re more quickly, telling a ‘colour story’ as you pass through. You’ll also find some of the fabric samples – Palette in particular – are now presented in a waterfall design that is more appealing and tactile for clients to try for themselves.

You asked, we listened

As new versions of the books are released approximately every three years, we’re conscious of not leaving in any fabrics that are outdated, unpopular or no longer fit for purpose. That said, the new introductions tend outnumber those that are removed, which means the collections have steadily grown in number. That means more choice for you and your clients but it also means there is more to get through. A popular request from our customers was a way to easily identify the pricing for the fabrics on display. So, we introduced the pricing table that quickly shows the price band for each of the fabrics. That way, you can hone in on a fabric that meets your client’s budget that much quicker and avoid disappointment.

Do I need to upgrade?

If you already own one or both of the collections from previous years it’s difficult to answer such a subjective question but we would, of course, recommend that you upgrade when you can. Most of the fabrics are carried over from previous iterations of the books but with new and unique offerings like the ECO range and designs such as the fun new Koala and Sloth prints that are exclusive to our supplier, you’ll certainly be missing out.

Recently bought the older books?

The nature of updating fabric collections means that, unfortunately, older collections can become obsolete. If you’ve only recently invested in a collection that has now seen an update released, it can seem you’re not getting the bang for your buck and make it difficult to justify an immediate upgrade.

To help remedy this, we offer a discount incentive to customers that bought older books. The more recently you invested, the more you save.

Time SInce PurchaseDiscount
0-3 months75%
3-6 months50%
6-12 months25%

Do I need both collections?

The majority of fabrics can be found in both collections. Many of the fabrics naturally lend themselves to use as roller fabrics or vertical blind louvres. Some, like Lana for example, have designs that been adjusted so their full impact can be seen whether it be on a 2m wide roller blind or 89mm louvre. Of course, there are still many fabrics that are only suitable for one blind type or the other so each collection is still unique. How much you need to own both collections to highlight these differences will depend largely on your business model and budget.

If you are looking to invest in both collections, we have as always, a discount in place when you buy them together.

Order you collections online now or get in touch with the customer team to discuss.