The smart home era has arrived and is here to stay.

Take control with the DreamHub.

Having championed the motorisation of window blinds for many years, we know that remote operation not only makes life more comfortable and convenient but safer for our children. Smart home integration was an obvious step for us and we wanted to provide a solution that could be easily and readily adopted, upgrading blinds already fitted with our motors and making them part of the increasingly smart home powered daily routine. And we did it.

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DreamHub Pro
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DreamHub Mini
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Dream Signal Booster

The DreamHub is superbly quick and easy to set up and operate. Even for a complete novice.

Once you’ve signed into the free Connector app, developed in partnership with Shade Connector and available on iOS and Android, you’ll have your DreamHub and blinds connected to your wifi network and operating at the swipe of a finger in just a few minutes.

Need help getting set up? We’ve got you covered. Our YouTube channel has a playlist dedicated to getting every installed and paired up. You’ll have new timers, scenes and routines running in no time. Alternatively, get in touch and we can walk you through the process until you’re confident.



Easily monitor and control your shades from anywhere in the world via your smartphone. No complex port forwarding or router configuration required.

Timers Feature

Set and manage up to 20 timers to enable easy activation or preferred settings at various times of the day.


The step-by-step wizard guides you through the installation and makes set up a plug and play solution.


Set and manage up to 20 scenes. Import your scenes into further solutions including Amazon Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT.


Thanks to the Connector app, there is no need for a handheld remote control. Allowing for fast and easy configuration via the app, you can quickly and easily pair to your motors, customising them and position precisely.


Manage multiple hubs in multiple locations. Easily switch between office, home, holiday home, all using the same account. Allows for up to 5 different locations per account with up to 5 hubs per location.


Group blinds into Rooms. Configure and operate a group of blinds that belong to a room.


Easily integrate a blind control into any third-party automation system capable of communicating via RS485.

Into the future

Smart home automation is here to stay and the DreamHub is our way of helping you to integrate your window blinds into your clients’ homes, ensuring they have all of the hardware, software and know-how to operate their blinds without a second thought.

Right now, the DreamHub is compatible with all current Decorquip motors and we are guaranteeing that it will continue to work with any and all motors we release in the future, so you can be confident in providing your clients with a futureproof network of DreamHub blinds.

Get a headstart on the market and position yourself as a supplier of easy-to-use, quiet and convenient smart blind solutions.