Do you offer customers Motorised Rollers?

1. Our Made-To-Measure Roller Blinds are supplied pre-programmed

They are supplied with the remote control paired and the limits set.  This means that you don’t have to set them up from scratch when fitting, saving you time and unnecessary effort on site.

2. We have a wide range of control & power options

We stock 5 different Roller Blind Motors which means that we can offer you different options for controlling and powering your blinds.  Whether your looking for a battery motor with a wireless hand-held remote or a hardwired mains motor controlled by a building control system, we can help.  We give you the choice to find the right option for your customers.

3. We have an experienced in-house technical support team

We use our own range of motors, meaning that we’re experts at providing telephone support for customers.  Whether you’re at surveying stage, or are fitting on site, we have the experience to give you advice and support.  We can advise on what motor will suit you best and the best way to fit.  If you need any help in adjusting the programming of a motor, we can talk you through each step.  

We’ve produced technical support videos as well – you can access these any time of the day or night here.  They’re ideal if you need help out of office hours or want to prepare yourself for fitting before you go to site.

To help you sell Motorised Blinds to customers we’re offering a 33% discount on all sample blinds for July 2016 – get in touch to find out more!