DQ’s Got Talent

Starting our last day of 2018 with a mystery coach trip on a cold and dark morning, we were whisked to Cardiff (with some terrible jokes courtesy of Adam to keep us entertained) to participate in one of the big crazes of the year: escape rooms. Long story short, some of made it out and some of us didn’t. I hope they’re okay in there!


Back at DQ HQ, we saw the year out with a bang – sharing a banquet fit for a king, celebrating Rob being recognised as our Colleague of the Year for his exemplary ‘lead by example’ attitude.

The most anticipated part of the day, however, were some amazing contributions from individuals and teams in what can only be described as something of a talent show. Each participant was asked a few weeks ago to prepare something to celebrate the year – a poem, a rap, a video, etc. And nobody disappointed!

The setlist went thusly:

Dean & Martyn – Christmas Rap

Yo Decorquip, what’s SUP!
I heard good things so keep it up.
With our core values, we’ll shine through,
let me state these for you.

Tell the truth or you may lose a tooth,
no excuses given or taken when a newbie starts we’ll get some bacon.
Remain positive and cheerful and we’ll succeed.
Show me respect, use your initiative and look for solutions to every problem with speed.

Embrace change and pursue development
or start looking for a new settlement.
Reducing friction is the name of the game,
caring for everyone is our aim.

Being fun and a little quirky,
I can’t wait for Christmas I love turkey.
Selling blinds, curtains and components too,
making blinds enjoyable for me and you.

Merry Christmas Y’all!

James’ Speech

Adrian – Christmas Poem

Anthony, Cal, Chris & Ryan – Despatch Lean 2018

Peter – 10 Green Bottles, DQ Style!

April, Cerian, Julie-Anne & Tanya – Customer Care Queens

Jay – Consider yourself one of Us!

Darrell – Poem

We started the year with great festive cheer,
At Canada Lodge with wine food and beer.
It’s there we set goals for the great year ahead,
And Goerge Jones tuned on lights that were off in my head.

The limos were fun and spirits were high,
We set all our targets and the limits the sky.
And that is the start that we had to the year,
Making a difference to staff far and near.

We started quite slow with a challenging year,
But we were resilient from the team do I hear.
It finished ok with a busier end,
And 2019 just round the bend.

We made many improvements this year by being Lean,
We’re chasing the debtors but not being mean.
We’re the company of choice for customers and staff,
And core value #10 gives us the reason to laugh.

As this year is done I would just like to say,
this is quite touching to finish this way.
With the team that has stood by us through thick and through thin,
Let us celebrate now with a tonic and gin.

With some fabric red,
And some fabric blue.
On behalf of the directors, 
We would like to all thank you.

Sarah, Lynne, Mike & Jamie

Jared – On the Road (photos)

Richard – “I have a Dream”

28th Aug 1963 Martin Luther King delivered his Iconic “I have a dream” speech. 5 Years ago, I had a 3-day leadership workshop where the trainer encouraged us to write our own, “I HAVE a Dream” Speech. This has been tweaked over the years, however, a lot is timeless and can never change.

That Decorquip will be the company of Choice for Customers, Suppliers and Employees.

That we will make buying blinds enjoyable, by focusing fanatically on developing a culture of lean and Wow customer service.
That by focusing on this we will be offering quality products, made by quality people to quality customers who show their appreciation of this level of quality and service by paying a reasonable price and return time and time again for more.
That this will result in Decorquip being able to pay our highly motivated, solutions-minded team, way above industry average salaries, so that every single person who depends on this company for a livelihood, is uplifted in their circumstances.
That all this will happen and we’ll still maintain a healthy GP, guaranteeing sustainable growth for the future generations to come.
That we’ll develop ourselves into people who show Respect to everyone we have to do with, we’re happy, tell the truth and relentlessly give and take no excuses.
That we’ll be passionate about developing ourselves and our processors to reduce friction and show care and understanding to everyone and everything.
That in doing all this we’ll be enjoying what we doing and most of all, having fun!
Now, this may sometimes feel like a bit of a nightmare, however, it is within our grasp to make it, a Dream come true!!

Matthew – Poem

Far away in the lands of plenty,
Filled with Boer and C’lonial gentry,
Cetshwayo, Table Mountain,
Mandela and Bloemfontein.

Mightier still the warrior Kevin,
There he sired a tribe of seven,
Strong they waxed and full of vigour,
Growing by the Transvaal rigor.

When they got a calling mighty,
Homeward call to dear old Blighty,
Packed them all in 747,
Shot them into beckoning heaven.

So begins a new beginning,
Challenges afresh for winning,
Moving, oh-no time to dally,
In their quest for yon Welsh valley.

Westward headed Chieftain Kevin,
Finally met the swelling Seven,
Fording Fords, the seven wanted,
Now in Wales they cheered, elated.

They at last reached summit Caerphilly,
Found the weather rather chilly,
Used they were to skies azure,
Here they found them grey and dour.

But they carried their own weather,
T’ spur them on in their endeavour,
Setting up a post for trading,
In the world of window shading.

Settled they with population,
Causing joy and consternation,
There amongst the wild masses,
Found some willing local lasses.

So this life of restless striving,
Finds them in this green land thriving,
Eyes ever on yon horizon,
Waiting for the next surprisin’.

So please stand, put hands together,
And applaud their great endeavour,
Leadership, chins up, raise a cheer,
For a prosperous coming year!!!

Marcin & Jason

Tarquin & Russell – Planet Earth: the Decorquip Series

You can see some of the highlights and the Colleague of the Year announcement in the videos below.


2018 brought us new faces, new challenges, and new opportunities. And we loved every second. Here’s to more of the same in 2019 and beyond!