When we first launched our Dream motors a few years ago, we wanted to stand out from the crowd. Motorisation hadn’t taken off in a big way yet but we foresaw a growing demand for safety and convenience.

We took these two values as the foundation of our Dream Range and elevated it further above the noise (as it were) with some of the quietest motors around. Fast forward a few years and the Dream Range is evolving. Our quiet and convenient motors are getting brainy.

The ‘Dream Team’ roster has changed a little over the years but, on the whole, the motors have essentially remained the same. Now things are changing.

With “smart tech”, “Alexa” and “home automation” becoming household terms, we launched our DreamHub last year, retroactively making any window fitted with a Dream motor smart…ish.

Even though users could now use their phones and home assistants to operate their blinds, we weren’t really happy with how ‘dumb’ the motors themselves remained – receiving basic instructions but never giving anything back. So, to resolve this gripe of ours, adding even more meat to our smart home bones and unlocking the full potential of the DreamHub and Connector app, we are introducing the next generation of Dream Motors. Dream Motors 2.0 as it were.

Now, “launching” is probably a too strong word. We’ve been phasing the new motors into circulation over the past few weeks so it’s something of a ‘soft launch’ at best – primarily because these motors so closely resemble their predecessors. They’re just Dream motors but better. They look the same. They cost the same. They work the same. In fact, they work a little better and that’s why we have all-new, super simple instructions – for those of you who have the older, longer processes committed to memory.

So what is new? Under the skin, this new-gen of Dream has a few quality-of-life improves but what gives them a new lease of life is their Bi-Directional functionality – the capacity to talk back to the Connector app, communicating their status in regards to power supply, shade position and the like. It seems simple but allows for far more accurate control, via the app or any other compatible device like Alexa, Google Home or Siri.

The individual motors are being phased into the Dream Range one at a time to allow for a smooth transition and, once it’s complete in a few weeks, every ‘old gen’ motor will have a smart successor. To celebrate, we considered a new flashy name for the range – something like ‘Smart Shading Window Tech 4000’ but, after so much effort went into ensuring the new motors adhered to the values that made the Dream Range a success in the first place, we couldn’t call them anything ‘the new Dream Motors’.

However, one name change that did get through was the naming of the motors themselves. Now, rather than trying to remember the difference between a Liberta and a Voluto, you’ll find the new names of every motor far simpler. If you want to put a battery-powered motor into a 55mm roller tube, you order the Roller 55 Battery Motor. Easy. Convenient even!

To accommodate the added functionality of the new motors, we’ve also introduced a new Dream motor. As beloved as our Elite remotes have been over the years, nothing lasts forever. Sadly the march of progress has left them behind and they simply can’t cope with the ‘bi-directional’ motors.

So, we had them upgraded with bi-directional technology, left them looking as perfect as they always have and gave them a new name that brought them into the fold so you can be assured that all devices in the Dream Range are compatible with each other. The new remotes still work with the old motors so you can introduce to an existing customers system, along with the new motors, and everything can be paired to the new remote.

We’re super excited about this next generation of Dream Motors and what changes they’ll see in their time. They’ll keep the Dream torch burning though. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. They’re just Dream Motors, but better.