The textile industry is responsible for approximately 20% of the worlds water waste and 10% of all carbon emissions. We can all play our part in reducing waste and helping to lower emissions. That is why we are introducing a selection of recycled fabrics using PET yarns to our current product ranges. In doing this, we are helping to close the gap between raw materials and recycling.

Say Hello to our NEW Roller and Vertical eco fabrics. These fabrics have been developed using 100% recycled yarn that has been derived from post-consumer drinking bottles.

We have an impressive array of eco fabrics across both ranges These fabrics have been made to the same standard as any of our other fabrics with the bonus they are helping to reduce plastic waste in our environment. Our Roller & Vertical Ranges are called – Cactus asc eco, Lagan asc eco, Odessa eco, Radiance asc eco and Trent asc eco.

We also have 5 Pleated ranges – Argan asc eco, Cactus asc eco, Hemp asc eco and Shea asc eco.

We also have 5 new recycled Infusion FR asc eco plain fabrics. This product combines the recycled fabric with a Fire-Retardant coating for extra peace of mind and to make it suitable for a variety of applications.

Look out for the eco logo which shows which of our fabrics have been developed from recycled drinking bottles.

What is PET?

PET is a plastic resin that is used in millions of consumer products, along with food and beverage packaging. PET can be defined as a consumer polyester thread derived from post-consumer recycled PET bottles (drinks bottles). The bottles are processed through grinding, washing, melting, repolymerising, spinning and texturing into new yarns.

Why PET?

Repurposes waste ✔Reduces energy and water consumption ✔Reduces carbon footprint ✔PET yarn is versatile, giving a high value product ✔

recycled PET yarn

Ocean Plastics

Another fabric that will stand out to environmentally conscious clients is Sweetwater in our Capital Collection range. Sweetwater is fire-retardant screen fabric is not only made recycled PET but specifically PET that has been salvaged from subsurface ocean waste around Europe.

Each blind made with the fabric is not only recycling plastic waste but is also contributing to the active reduction in sea and ocean pollution – a powerful narrative that is sure to connect with environmentally conscious clients.

Capital Collection Sweetwater Specification Card