Producing and selling Roman Blinds made easy

If you manufacture Roman Blinds, our 1:4 Elite Roman Headrail Kits will make your life easier – they will help to improve your lead times by eliminating the process of headrail assembly, and will enhance the quality as they’re made of components that provide safe and smooth operation of your Roman Blinds.

The Kits are available in 10 pre-manufactured headrail lengths so if you’re fitting your roman blind outside of a window recess, order the nearest size to eliminate the need to do any cutting. The kits are also very easy to cut to size for a perfectly customised fit which is useful for blinds being fitted inside the recess.

Size No of Cord Drums No of Brackets
670mm - 26 3/8in 2 2
900mm - 35 3/8in 3 2
1000mm - 39 3/8in 3 2
1200mm - 47 1/4in 4 3
1400mm - 55 1/8in 4 3
1700mm - 66 7/8in 5 4
1800mm - 70 3/4in 5 4
2000mm - 78 5/8in 5 4
2500mm - 98 3/8in 6 5
3000mm - 118in 7 6
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What are your kits made of?

Product Specification

1. Headrail

Elite Roman Kits utilise a heavy-duty aluminium headrail with a central operating bar that runs the full length of the headrail and an idle end cap. The front side of the headrail has a crimped in hook side of the hook & loop tape to ensure that it doesn’t peel off when the heavier fabric is used.

2. Breakaway 1:4 Geared Mechanism

Elite Roman Kits come with the Breakaway 1:4 Geared Mechanism that makes operating the blind smooth and safe.

The 1:4 gear ratio allows users to handle the traditionally heavy fabrics found on most Roman blinds, with a lifting capacity of 10kg. As should be expected from any breakaway device, the chain will detach when a force of 6kg or more is applied to it.

What makes this breakaway device stand out from the crowd is how easily a detached operating chain can be returned. With no components coming loose and nothing to unlock or open, users can confidently reinstate the chain themselves in less time than it would take to call you back to the site.

Please note that operating chains are not supplied with the kits and will have to be ordered separately.

3. Quick Release Cord Drum

The Quick Release Cord Drum makes adjusting Roman Blinds easier than ever before. By using a lock/release mechanism on the cord drum now you can easily and quickly adjust its position. Combined with a smooth cord pull up provided by wear-resistant brass collars in each of the drums, you’ll make producing and operating Roman Blinds much easier.

4. Swivel Brackets

Each kit is supplied with a required number of White Swivel Brackets which is determined by the size of your kit (see the table above). Regardless of whether your blinds are being fitted inside or outside of a window recess, the only brackets you’ll ever need is Swivel Brackets as they’re suitable for both.

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